Thank you to all those who participated in the Let’s Talk: Oral History Aurora Project!

Led by Aurora Historical Society (AHS) Educator, Erika Mazanik, the Let’s Talk: Oral History Aurora Project focused on collecting and preserving Aurora’s intangible heritage through the creation of a digital oral history library. Through this inter-generational project valuable communications skills were passed on to our community’s youth volunteers as they were trained to use AV equipment and to conduct oral history interviews, thanks to training sessions by the Multicultural History Society of Ontario. Volunteers then met with our senior participants to capture their stories and memories of Aurora on video. After being carefully reviewed and edited, the video recordings and transcriptions are now available online here at LetsTalkAurora.ca

While AHS has long focused on the preservation of our more tangible history, this project will shine a spotlight on the town’s intangible heritage. From life during the war, to the changing streetscape, “Let’s Talk!” will allow current citizens and future generations to examine Aurora through a more personal lens.

Let’s Talk was funded through the New Horizons for Seniors Program of the Employment and Social Development Canada Department, which promotes organizations that seek to assist seniors in contributing to their communities and making a difference.

This project was led by AHS in partnership with The Senior Wish Association and Hollandview Trail Retirement Residence who were both essential in attracting participants, arranging accessible filming locations, promoting the project and more.

AHS would like to thank Janet White at Hollandview Trail Retirement Community and Ingrid Davis at the Senior Wish Association for all of their hard work.

We would also like to thank Richard Hess, long time AHS volunteer for all of his hours and assistance in selecting and purchasing the proper equipment, setting up our new computer system, creating this website, and answering all of our many IT questions along the way.

Thank you especially to our Senior Participants who made this project possible: Elsie Adair, Jean Babcock, Dorothy Baker, Annabelle Black, Ed Griffith, Bud Gilbert, Dorothy Gummersall, Richard Hunter, John McIntyre, Heather McKenzie, Bob McRoberts, Jean Baker Pearce, and Jackie Stuart.

Last, but not least, thank you to our student volunteers who gave their time to this project:

Heba Shahaed
Katie Klopfer
Seline Toksoy
Rebecca Swanson

Tech Assistants:
Rebecca Swanson
Katherine Lau
Jonathan Koulouras
Jaiden Pugar
Sophia Yi
Brooklyn Lahey
Brianna Nocon-Willatts

Seline Toksoy
Heba Shahaed
Catherine Gifford

Thank you!


Erika Mazanik
Mary Beth Hess