The following are testimonials from participants in the Let’s Talk project, expressing their feelings about their experiences:

“To Whom It May Concern

I recently took part in the Let’s Talk program led by the Aurora Historical Society in partnership with Hollandview Trail Retirement Home. I was interviewed by a grade 10 student from a local high school. The student’s questions were well thought out and easy for me to answer. I appreciated being able to tell some factual information along with a few tales from my recollection of growing up in Aurora. Of course, additional stories came to mind after the fact. Receiving a personal copy of my interview in the form of a CD was a nice touch and will be a family keepsake. I found the whole experience to be an enjoyable one and I would encourage others to participate in the program in the future.”

– Bob McRoberts

“First, there was the anticipation. What shall I say? What if I can’t think of anything to say? Next there was the actual experience, which was relaxed and enjoyable, thanks to the co-ordinator and the interviewer. That was followed by the reflection, looking back on the experience. Oh no: I made a mess of it, I really did stumble over thoughts and words! Then there was actually looking at the tape and reading the transcript of what was said. Well, it was not so bad, after all! And finally the best part: looking at the tapes of the other participants and, especially, reading the transcripts.

There are plenty of little nuggets of information there, but even more importantly a sense of the mood or atmosphere of the past, not as interpreted by someone else but as related by people who were there. And on top of all that, “Let’s Talk” gives young students experience in using very modern technology and also in the age-old skill of getting people to talk about themselves.”

– Jackie Stuart

“I loved the project! It was fun to meet the seniors and learn about their experiences in life. Though I was not in front of the camera I was certainly behind it and I enjoyed it very much! Bud Gilbert was my favourite to speak with, his life was interesting. If given the chance I would gladly do it again.”

– Brooklyn Lahey

“I have loved being a part of the Let’s Talk project these past months. It has been educational and fun. Not only did I get to interview the seniors but I also got to know them and got to hear their stories about the Aurora of the past! Watching the process go from unedited interviews to seeing everything on the website was amazing too. Thank you to the Aurora Historical Society for including me in this experience!”

– Rebecca Swanson

“It was a pleasure for me to be involved in the Let’s Talk project, and I look forward to its continuation long into the future. The best part for me was being interviewed by a young student who was very new to Aurora and who had come from a very different cultural background, but still had a strong interest in local history. This confirmed my  belief that our community’s heritage is for everyone, not just for those who have been here for a long time. It also confirmed that our heritage now reaches far across the world and is more diverse and more complex than ever.”
– John McIntyre